Sallimar Lorenzana, known by friends and family as Salli, first discovered Acai Bowls while training Jiu Jitsu with her brothers.  Although the Acai Bowl that she first tried was very basic, she loved it - and soon realized that she could make Acai Bowls with her own original twist. 

Salli felt that Acai Bowls could be a more relaxed, fun way to eat healthy. And giving people the option of adding their own toppings and mixing blends would allow them to create a healthy snack or an indulgent dessert!

So, in July of 2015, Salli began making Acai Bowls for friends and family - and they instantly became a hit. Her friends started asking Salli to deliver the bowls to their work, and soon thereafter - with the help of her family - Salli began a delivery service and then an Acai Bowl food trailer. 

After growing in popularity via word of mouth and social media, especially when Inland Empire Magazine took note and covered her, Salli decided that it was time to open up her first location - in the Riverside Food Lab! This would also give her an opportunity to bring more of her favorite dishes and drinks from her own heritage - including Agua Fresca, Corn Bowls, and Popsicles!

Bowls, cups, and pops... Bolcupop!